2013: SeQureNet breaks CVQKD distance limitation

SeQureNet, together with its research partners, Télécom ParisTech, the Institut d'Optique Graduate School, and the INRIA, demonstrated long distance continuous-variables quantum key distribution for the first time. An abstract is available here.

2012: SeQureNet at the QCRYPT conference

SeQureNet presents its latest research results on quantum cryptography at QCRYPT 2012, an annual conference on quantum cryptography located in Singapore in September 2012. This talk concerns the first demonstration of long-distance continuous-variable quantum cryptography. An abstract can be found here.

2011: SeQureNet and Thales announce partnership on quantum cryptography

Thales licensed to SeQureNet the patent EP1825633 concerning the fiber-optics implementation of continuous-variable quantum cryptography. This agreement allows SeQureNet to develop and to sell commercial products using this technology.

2010: SeQureNet in charge of SEQURE Demonstration deployment

The main goal of the project SEQURE (Symmetric Encryption with Quantum key REnewal) is to develop a system combining Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) with symmetric encryption in order to ensure data confidentiality over a fast real-world fiber optics link. In this framework, the usage of QKD enables the frequent and secure renewal of session keys used by the symmetric encryption devices.

The field demonstration was set up and managed by SeQureNet.

The complete encryption system is integrated into low-profile standard racks. The field demonstration is working continuously over a 5.6 dB loss optical fiber, and provides secret keys with a rate of about 700 bit/sec, which is more than enough to ensure frequent, forward-secure secret key renewal for the symmetric encryption appliances. See demo-sequre for more information.